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    SubjectRe: [BUG] x86 kenel won't boot under Virtual PC
    > Btw, I do think that the whole NOPL issue is separate from all the other 
    > issues. There can be _other_ cases where it really is worth doing some
    > "generic" optimizations or being more "specific", and my argument really
    > is that NOPL is _not_ one of those cases.
    > So I'm still not sure that X86_GENERIC is necessarily the answer. The

    FWIW I personally think Linux should always use very conservative nops.
    Unconditionally. This issue already cost far too much developer time
    and it's unlikely to be worth it.

    > Peter - does gcc actually use NOPL in _32-bit_ code too? It really seems

    gcc just uses .p2align, so it comes down to binutils

    Yes there seems to be a pretty scary ISA selection code in there.

    Line 565 of

    I haven't decoded it completely, but I suspect it does the wrong thing.


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