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SubjectRe: [PATCH] coredump_filter: add hugepage core dumping

> That aside, it is not always safe to read a VM_RESERVED area without
> side-effects.
> > This patch doesn't change dafault behavior.
> >
> I wonder about this and if that is the right thing to do. By default,
> core dumps include anonymous private and shared memory. Strictly speaking,
> hugetlbfs is a file-backed mapping but it is always a ram-based file and a
> private mapping is likely to contain information that would normally be in
> a private anonymous mapping. It feels like that information should be core
> dumped by default. Would it be better to
> 1. Distinguish between private and shared hugetlbfs mappings
> 2. Default dump MAP_PRIVATE hugetlbfs mappings
> ?

make much sense.
ok, I'll make again under your design.

Thank you very much.

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