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Subjectsort-of regression due to "kconfig: speed up all*config + randconfig"
Sam, allmodconfig automatic testing is on fire!

I use KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG= heavily to pin some config options to N and
now CONFIG_MODULES aren't set to y after allmodconfig.

Step to reproduce:

rm .config
rm 1
touch 1
make KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=1 allmodconfig >/dev/null
grep CONFIG_MODULES .config

CONFIG_MODULES is =n after this patch, which is strange given definition
of allmodconfig.

If KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG= is removed, MODULES are back to =y.

f443d2eccf077afd8a839cc7ed66cc4d520c5f05 is first bad commit
commit f443d2eccf077afd8a839cc7ed66cc4d520c5f05
Author: Sam Ravnborg <>
Date: Mon Jun 30 22:45:38 2008 +0200

kconfig: speed up all*config + randconfig

Drop the chatty mode when we generate the all*config, randconfig
Ths speeds up the process considerably and noone looked
at the output anyway.
This patch uses the conf_set_all_new_symbols() function
just added to kconfig.

Signed-off-by: Sam Ravnborg <>
Cc: Roman Zippel <>

:040000 040000 abd92c139f2ed97f93b1c9475023f713103f11f3 509069e7fb8fc2e2139f65b14b136febd20ac102 M scripts

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