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SubjectGhost EDD devices in /sys again
This is regression but old enough. Apparently I had for whatever reasons
EDD turned off till recently. This is 2.6.27-rc5 just in case.

In 2006 I fixed ghost devices due to buggy BIOS:

Later edd.S has been rewritten in C, and apparently this patch has been

{pts/1}% ls /sys/firmware/edd
int13_dev80/ int13_dev84/ int13_dev88/ int13_dev8c/
int13_dev81/ int13_dev85/ int13_dev89/ int13_dev8d/
int13_dev82/ int13_dev86/ int13_dev8a/ int13_dev8e/
int13_dev83/ int13_dev87/ int13_dev8b/ int13_dev8f/

But I have just a single disk. This is the same system BTW.

Unfortunately I do not speak asm language of C; if somebody could provide
equivalent fix for current edd.c, I am more than ready to test it.

Thank you

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