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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert commit e8aa4667baf74dfd85fbaab86861465acb811085
On Fri, 5 Sep 2008, Andreas Herrmann wrote:
> > Is the HPET on these systems not working at all so the force enable
> > code is useless ?
> The current quirk is incomplete. Some more chipset fiddling has to be
> done to enable HPET interrupts. I have a patch that would do this.
> And from my tests it seems to work faultlessly.
> But the official statement is that HPET is not supported on SB4XX.
> Thus there are 2 alternatives:
> (1) Remove the current (incomplete) quirk.
> (2) Extent the quirk.
> But whoever forces HPET would use it on his own risk.
> I decided to do (1) because it's safest.
> Other opinions?

Yup, I prefer (2). It might help users. It still needs hpet=force on
the kernel command line. So it's a documented "you forced it" feature
with no guarantees.

I don't expect that the systems will explode, burn out or fall into
pieces when hpet is enabled. That would be a reason to go for (1) :)



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