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SubjectRe: [Patch] Tracing/ftrace: Adds a marker to allow user comments
2008/8/28 Pekka Paalanen <>:
> Yes, but the atmosphere is that if there are no users in-tree, the feature
> gets kicked, out-of-tree users or no. That's the reason mmiotrace went
> in-tree in the first place. So, to get that stuff exported, we might need
> in-tree users, I believe.

Perhaps it should be more discussed because it is an unsual case...

Ok so just a question before I start a new patch to correct the marker's file.

What is the best way to implement tracers's printk handlers?
Do you think that these functions must be implemented in trace.c or is
it more relevant to dispatch the message to
a function provided by the current tracer in its struct tracer
operations? If such handler is not implemented, we just defaults the
formatting like ftrace_printk does.


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