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SubjectRe: regarding major number of block extended devt
Tejun Heo wrote:
> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> Note that addition /partitions/ is somewhat unlikely to be useful, since
>> existing code will have to search through random crap in sysfs to look
>> for the partition directories anyway.
> Currently it has to list /sys/block/DEV/DEV[-]N/. With proper
> classification, it can do /sys/block/*/partitions/*. We'll need to keep
> around symlinks at the root level. It also plays well with how other
> subsystems have been changing.

Yes, my point was mostly that in order to support older kernels, most
code is going to want to just access /sys/block/DEV/DEV*N/ anyway. What
I have done in my code is I do a readdir() on /sys/block/DEV and look
for subdirectories with a "dev" member.

Changing them to symlinks would actually break at least my code
(arguably bad programming on my part), since optimize by looking for


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