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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.27-rc8

On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Dave Airlie wrote:
> If it is X related then its both a kernel + X server issue, the e1000e
> driver opens the barn door, the X server drives the horses through it.

Are you sure? There was a mandriva report abou NVM corruption on an e100
too (that one apparently just caused PXE failure, the networking worked

So I wonder if it's _purely_ X-server-related, adn the reason people blame
2.6.27-rc1 is just timing of some X update and then people just look at
the kernel beceuse the 'network card failed' looks so kernel-related.

The reason I mention that is right now it looks like the distros are just
running around disabling the e1000e module, or perhaps downgrading it.
Which may not even work!

The discussions in some of the bug-trackers seem to be full of people who
have no actual information, but are perfectly willing to flail around
wildly saying obviously crazy things.

The Ubuntu people are some of the crazier ones (should I be surprised?),
but that one also has Ben Collins claiming they use the same e1000e driver
for the 2.6.26/27 kernels (from intels project). That may be bogus,
but if true it would indicate that it's possibly not so kernel-related, or
at least not so e1000e-driver-related.


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