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SubjectRe: Put unused PCI devices in D3
On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 01:11:03PM -0700, Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:

> Currently it looks to me from browsing the code that D3 is only used in
> Linux when the whole machine is headed for S3, and the drivers are asked
> to suspend. I think the drivers should be able to enter D3 in other
> circumstances:
> * During pci_unregister_driver ... i.e. on module unload

The fact that Linux isn't using a device doesn't inherently mean that
the system isn't using it. For example, the smbus controller will
probably still be used by ACPI even if there's no Linux driver loaded.

> * When a network interface is downed

Yes. Drivers are moving towards this model.

> * If the device is a bridge or hub with no downstream device

Potential problems with hotplugging? But sure, this kind of thing is
being implemented in USB and SCSI.

> * Whenever userspace requests D3 via sysfs

This functionality was explicitly removed a few years back.

> So, what fundamental problem prevents me from, for example, calling
> pci_set_power_state() from ohci1394's __exit?

Nothing I'm aware of. It sounds pretty safe in that case. But that would
require you to load and unload the driver - better to have the driver
loaded the entire time and make sure it does as much runtime power
management as possible. I don't know enough about the firewire OHCI
hardware, but can you power down most of the chip and still get hotplug
Matthew Garrett |

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