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SubjectRe: How how latent should non-preemptive scheduling be?

* Sitsofe Wheeler <> wrote:

> Logs with the filtering on can be seen here (15Mbytes decompressed each):
> It looks like lots of acpi state is created and deleted...

yeah. The latency starts here:

cat-5901 0dNh. 1us : default_wake_function (__wake_up_common)
cat-5901 0.Nh. 2us : kill_fasync (snd_pcm_period_elapsed)

and ends here:

cat-5901 0.N.. 270501us+: mutex_lock (acpi_ec_transaction)
cat-5901 0d... 270507us : __cond_resched (_cond_resched)

270 _milliseconds_ later. That's excessive.

The main overhead is starting here:

cat-5901 0.N.. 167us : acpi_ds_result_push (acpi_ds_exec_end_op)

lots of ACPI code executed ...

does it get better if you have CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY=y enabled? That
_should_ break up this section neatly. If it doesnt then please add a
might_sleep() check to kernel/kernel/semaphore.c's down_timeout()
function - that is called a number of times in this trace.


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