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    SubjectRe: [Patch -tip 3/3] Tracing/ftrace: Don't consume entries unhandled by mmiotrace

    * Frédéric Weisbecker <> wrote:

    > 2008/9/25 Pekka Paalanen <>:
    > > We can (must) return to this if/when multiple tracers are allowed
    > > to be active simultaneously. But in the current situation, I do not
    > > see a way to trace more than one thing, but I haven't really looked
    > > into the other tracers.
    > You can enable another tracer simultaneously. I never tried it but you
    > can launch one from debugfs and another from kernel code for example.
    > The new boot tracer will have to launch the sched_switch tracer.

    hm, right now i can see a lot of problems with that approach - the
    buffers are partly per tracer and partly global.

    the new trace-ringbuffer design Steve is working on would abstract away
    this complication - then we could make tracers truly independent

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