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SubjectWhats going on? (somebody can say something?)
Hello list,

Good day for everibody.

I have one problem with my new linux box. (again)
The hw is tested. (memtest86, 4 days)

The samba freezed and makes 40 load.

All what i am using is in-kernel solution, excepting samba.

libata ->bock -> raid -> cryptoloop -> xfs -> [samba] ->eth

The log file is here:

some points:
Sep 24 01:15:58 - Sep 24 01:19:16 -> i have repaired the 2 xfs on loop0 and
loop1Sep 24 14:18:00 -> only a little interesting time, when the first bug
was issued. (cron?)Sep 25 21:47:39 -> i have logged in.Sep 25 21:50:50 -> i
have forced the sysreq from script to make some more debug information.(I
have saved the lsof too if somebody interested.)Any help will be
appreciated.Thanks a lot,Janos Haar

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