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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] fsl-dma: allow Freescale Elo DMA driver to be compiled as a module
Timur Tabi wrote:
> Scott Wood wrote:
>>> I chose subsys_initcall() to increase the probability that fsldma is
>>> already present when DMA clients are loaded/initialized and register.
>> If there's no dependency, why does it matter whether fsldma is already
>> present?
> Re-read my explanation, please.

I read it just fine the first time.

> Technically, it doesn't *matter* in that
> nothing will break, but so what? It's nicer if the DMA driver is already
> available when the client drivers load, so that they can use the DMA facilities
> right away.

It's not nicer to people reading the code and wondering why, or to
people who use it as a module and execute less-well-tested code paths,
and I doubt it's a significant addition to boot time to do things in the
normal way.

I'm not particularly worried about the code going on strike because
we're not being "nice" to it.


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