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Subject[RFC PATCH 0/2 v2] Unified trace buffer (take two)

Again: this is a proof of concept, just spitting out code for comments.

Here's my second attempt.

Changes since version 1:

- Ripped away all the debugfs and event registration from ring buffers.

- Removed the mergesort from the ringbuffer and pushed that up to the

- Changed the event header to what Linus suggested (we can discuss this
and try other suggestions for v3, namely Peter Zijlstras ideas).

struct {
u32 time_delta:27, type:5;
u32 data;
u64 array[];

- Added timestamp at beginning of each page and implemented a way
for all events to get the full timestamp from the previous.

- The changes to ftrace on this release was much less than the first


-- Steve

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