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SubjectRe: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x1 / SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen
Gwendal Grignou wrote:
> About ata1:0 problem, as reported in the bugzilla bug: I would try to
> disable NCQ to see if it helps. Your disks firmware might not fully
> support it.
> You can either add the parameter "libata.force=noncq" when loading
> your kernel, or set queue_depth to 1 for all the Seagate drives behind
> the Marvell MV88SX6081 controller.
> About ata5:0 , someone - in user space probably - is trying to do a
> SMART ENABLE operation, but the device ignores it. I don't know which
> device you are using, but I assume it does not support ATA SMART
> feature set. Timeout is an acceptable but not a nice way to answer, a
> cancel would have been better; check if there is a firmware upgrade
> for your device.

You certainly called the SMART issue, I was wondering why a new
distribution install on some older hardware was getting all the errors,
clearly the Fedora "smartd" doesn't check SMART capability before trying
to enable the feature. Oddly the drive on which I see this does reply to
SMART requests, so the firmware must be "semi-functional." Not a
problem, in my case the drive is just used for testing handling of hot
swap, and has no data of any value.

Bill Davidsen <>
"Woe unto the statesman who makes war without a reason that will still
be valid when the war is over..." Otto von Bismark

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