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    SubjectRe: [RFC] List of maintainers (draft #3)

    On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Ben Dooks <> wrote:
    > I was thinking of at least making MAINTAINERS per-subsystem, it is a
    > large file and would be easier for the people submitting patcehs to
    > avoid having to touch a common file.

    Figuring out whom to send a patch to is not something you can automate
    because it not only depends on what you're changing but *how* you're
    changing it. The classic case being that whenever you change something
    related to RCU that's non-trivial, you almost certainly want to CC
    Paul "RCU" McKenney. But there's no *file* or *directory* pattern that
    can automatically tell you this.

    Furthermore, if you're hacking on a specific part of the kernel, you
    almost certainly are doing it wrong if you don't know who the relevant
    maintainers are. For simple janitorial patches, you probably should
    just work out the *top-level* maintainers (davem for networking, ingo
    et al for x86, and so on) and send the patches to them. And when these
    simple rules fail you, fall back to patch bombing Andrew.


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