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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 06/13] PCI: cpqphp: stop managing hotplug_slot->name
* Matthew Wilcox <>:
> On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 04:00:32AM -0600, Alex Chiang wrote:
> > -static inline void make_slot_name(char *buffer, int buffer_size, struct slot *slot)
> > -{
> > - snprintf(buffer, buffer_size, "%d", slot->number);
> > -}
> > +
> > + scnprintf(name, SLOT_NAME_SIZE, "%d", slot->number);
> So ... we're using %d here and %u in acpiphp. Obviously we don't expect
> to get a number above 2 billion, but I think if we do have some utterly
> bogus firmware that gives us a number above 2 billion, printing a
> positive number is a better user experience than a negative number.

Well, on some HP machines, a slot number >2 billion actually does
make sense, if you convert it to hex, and then consider that to
be some sort of encoding for topology.

But your point here stands, I can change this driver to a %u.

> We clearly have a common pattern here where hotplug drivers have a
> number insteaqd of a name (I would venture this is the most common).
> Maybe we need a common helper? I think this is a subject for the
> long-term todo list, not something that needs to be addressed in the
> context of this patch series.

Yeah, ok -- long term todo. ;)


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