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Subjectsysfs: tagged directories not merged completely yet
Hi Greg,

Someone made me notice that Eric's "sysfs tagged directories" patchset
you merged recently isn't complete in your "patches" tree. The last two
patches that actually uses this new feature aren't in your tree yet.

* [PATCH 7/8] netns: Enable tagging for net_class directories in sysfs
* [PATCH 8/8] sysfs: user namespaces: fix bug with clone(CLONE_NEWUSER)
with fairsched

I didn't noticed it sooner because I'm still using my own version of the
patchset on top of linux-2.6.

I'm wondering why you left these two patches out? Is it on purpose? Do
you expect other maintainers to merged them in their respective tree?
Dave Miller acked the patch for network namespace and said "You can send
it all through Greg or whoever, don't feel obligated to push it through
me since it depends upon the earlier bits in this series".



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