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SubjectRe: doubled idle count
Ferenc Wagner <> writes:

> Jeremy Fitzhardinge <> writes:
> --text follows this line--
>> Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>>> After upgrading a Xen virtual machine to Debian's 2.6.26-4 kernel, I
>>> noticed that the idle counter doubled its pace on one of the machines:
>>> [...]
>>> One out of three machines show this effect, with the exact same kernel
>>> and Xen versions (3.2.0, dom0 is Debian's stock Etch 2.6.18 kernel).
>>> They aren't hosted by the same machine, though: the misbehaving one is
>>> on a different installation with very similar hardware (3 vs 2 GHz).
>>> All the guest are paravirtual.
>> So you're saying that they are identical Xen and guest kernel binaries,
>> but one of three is showing doubled idle time?
> Now I upgraded another domU, and that also shows this doubling effect,
> so I've got two domUs (running on xen2-ha) misbehaving, and other two
> (running on xen2) behaving correctly.

Also, top is not confused, it shows <100% idle times. Maybe it's
allright, or maybe top simply subtracts all the rest from 100...

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