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SubjectRe: Laptop shock detection and harddisk protection
On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 11:21 AM, Elias Oltmanns <> wrote:
>>> 2. Make shock protection interact nicely with suspend operations:
>>> currently, we are out of luck if anything should happen after
>>> processes have been frozen. This is particularly unfortunatel in the
>>> case of s2disk.
>> I'd say that s2disk is similar to early boot... no protection there.
> Well, this is true for resume. However, I can't help thinking that we
> may do better than that until the disk spins down, particularly while
> writing the image to disk.

Practically, disk protection during suspend-to-disk sounds very
useful, given the typical usage scenario: you press button to
hibernate and start shuffling around your chair/desk in preparation
for leaving the room. Dropping the laptop is more likely than ever at
this point. Resume-from-disk tends to be done after settling down into
your chair/desk, so the drop risk is lower.


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