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SubjectRe: Driver for tightly coupled memory
Ben Dooks wrote:

> This isn't the right list to be discussing this on, try looking for
> linux-arm-kernel instead. It will get your question to the attention
> of more people knowledgable about the ARM specifics.

I disagree, something like a TCM can very well be present in any
architecture, after all it's some kind of fast memory mapped to an
address, nothing special from a software point of view. I will ask on
the ARM mailing list however.

> IIRC, there's no current support for using TCMs.

I think I will write a module that implements a software FIFO. One
function to allocate a FIFO n words deep, a "push" and a "pop" and
similar. The calling module will have to setup the FIFO and use it
probably in ISRs or similar (the policy will totally remain in the
caller module). Any comments on such approach?


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