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SubjectRe: motherboard recommendations?

Jacek> On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 4:31 PM, John Stoffel <> wrote:
>> Which ASUS board, the K8V? If so, just look for a board with
>> components that are known to work well with Linux. Honestly, these
>> days Linux supports alot more stuff right out of the box.

Jacek> I was thinking the same few years ago, but on two Asus boards
Jacek> two had problems. K8V-X SE is the board I have now, it's very
Jacek> bad choice for Linux, it crashes very often when starting X
Jacek> (with DRI) - it's related to buggy BIOS and AGP.

Sure, I can understand your frustration here. I'd be pissed too. :]
I spent a bunch of time looking at motherboards and finally settled on
the one I got because of good reports. Don't get a recent board, get
something that's been out for six months to a year with good reviews
on to make sure you don't get bitten by stuff like this.

Jacek> On another board SATA was supported after few months and there
Jacek> was constant problem with network (there was long discussion
Jacek> about it on LKML) - networking was working after boot but stops
Jacek> working after a while. It was never fixed, so I don't use this
Jacek> board anymore.

Gotta say my M2N32-SLI Deluxe has been working just fine from day
one. Can't complain at all. So much so that I'm thinking of getting
another to be my new file server system, but money is tight right
now. :]

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