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SubjectRe: Turning off camera also kills card reader on EeePC 900
Sitsofe Wheeler wrote:

> When running Ubuntu from an SD card issuing
> echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/eeepc/camera
> as root will cause the camera to be turned off AND the SD card to
> immediately disappear (which is rather fatal when you are using it). It's
> hard to know if this is intended behaviour by the BIOS (given that they
> are both USB devices) or a mistake in the platform driver...

It's a bug either way (a regression from the 701 hardware). I think you
should be able to isolate it.

Firstly, I understand these kill-switches are supposed to be persistent
over reboots. You should check that the SD card stays disabled when you

Next, these settings are also exposed in the BIOS configuration screen,
right? If it's the same as my 701 then the BIOS will have a separate
option for disabling the cardreader. So you could see if the platform
driver "camera" switch is simply disabling and enabling the two switches

Or if there's only a BIOS option for the camera, and not the SD card,
then you should test whether it disables the SD card.


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