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    SubjectRe: XFS shutting down due to IO timeout on SATA disk (pata_via for CX700)
    Tejun Heo wrote:
    > Hmm.. most of FLUSH timeouts I've seen are either a dying drive or bad
    > PSU. There just isn't much which can go wrong from the driver side.
    > IIRC, there was a problem when the unused part of TF is not cleared
    > but that was the only one.
    >> Smartctl output is clean (no logged errors), and the drives themselves
    >> are fine after a reboot -- necessary since libata/scsi kicked the drive out
    >> of the RAID array.
    >> Something strange is going on here.
    > Any chance you can trick the client to hook up the drive to a separate PSU?

    No, the failures happen randomly at customer sites, and only since they
    "upgraded" to SLES10 with libata. I think the PSUs are probably just fine.

    Time to hack the drivers to give proper status on the timeouts, too;
    otherwise we won't ever have any clue as to what is really happening.


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