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    SubjectRe: Stable regression: usb-storage is stuck in
    Michael Tokarev wrote:
    > Just updated my machine from to, and it does not
    > wan to boot anymore. It says "Initializing USB Mass Storage driver.."
    > (when trying to load usb-storage module) and sits here forever, every
    > 2 minutes showing warnings about stuck processes (traces below).
    > With or any previous version I never experienced this
    > problem. Both 32- and 64-bits kernels behave the same way.
    > While waiting for usb-storage to complete, no other USB devices
    > works (incl. mouse and keyboard).
    > The machine is an AMD X2-64 (BE-2400) processor with an nVidia MCP51
    > chipset (lspci is below). Motherboard is Asus M2NPV-VM, latest BIOS
    > (1401, dated 08/07/2008)
    > I'm rebuilding for now -- trying to bisect the issue...

    And it's more: even without usb-storage, other USB devices does
    not work, waiting in the same usb_start_wait_urb.

    Ok, it turned out to be pretty.. interesting.

    It's not a regression within -stable kernel series. The problem
    happens when BOTH are true:

    - using latest BIOS for this mobo (1401), AND
    - enabling KVM_GUEST in kernel.

    The only difference in my kernel config between .1 and .5 was
    to enable KVM_GUEST and KVM_CLOCK, and also I2C_HELPER_AUTO
    which was added by kernel update.

    Going with previous BIOS (1201) OR disabling PARAVIRT_GUEST
    fixes the problem. I'll try to figure out which config
    option is at problem here.

    > Thanks.
    > /mjt

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