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    SubjectRe: Partition check considered as error is breaking mounting in 2.6.27
    > > > ________________________________________________________________disk->disk_name, p);
    > > > -______________________________________________continue;
    > > > ________________________________}
    > wtf-your-email-client-is-insane.

    I have no idea where that came from. Wasn't in the original or
    in my copy.

    > > So that now deserves to be KERN_WARN not KERN_ERR, yes?
    > spose so.
    > I'm fairly unenthused about the recent KERN_correctness fad since it
    > went and broke sysrq-T output (you have to set the loglevel beforehand
    > to avoid getting only partial output).

    On development systems I generally "echo 8 > /proc/sysrq*"
    to make sure KERN_DEBUG isn't hidden.

    In this case it's just that I saw flamage a few minutes
    earlier from someone trying to keep a distro boot from
    spewing scarey messages for things that were NOT errors.
    Like ... this message. :)

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