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SubjectREGRESSION: Sound's decreasing when headphones are plugged

I've got a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and I've got a sound issue since
the kernel 2.6.26 upgrade.

The sound works fine with the laptop speakers, but when I plug my
headphones the sound is decreasing until there's nothing to hear. The
decrease lasts less than 10 seconds. I use ALSA, KDE4 (but the same is
in clean console) and my sound module is snd_hda_intel.

When I unplug the headphones the sound doesn't come back. Alsamixer
says that the level is on top but I can't hear anything.

The only way to make it work is to restart the computer. Restarting
the alsa daemon doesn't work.

I think that it might come from the new kernel since it used to work
before. It also doesn't work with 2.6.27-rc6-git2, but works with

Also, there's no info in dmesg whet I plug/unplug the headphones,
although I've compiled it with ALSA debug.


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