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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] input: mousedev: Emulate right and middle buttons for single-button touchpads
Henrik Rydberg wrote:
>>> Regarding the tapping patch; it is addressing the correctness of
>>> already implemented functionality. I can see nothing wrong with that.
>> My position that since the isssue can be "fixed" by simply installing
>> the proper X driver I'd rather not include it. Mousedev purpose is to
>> provide good enough emulation in absence of a native driver and that's
>> it. Also, the default value would not work well on high-resiolution
>> devices (like Synaptics) and would require user fiddling with kernel
>> parameters - not worth it in my opinion.
> The parameter could be made dimensionless and the distance test scaled
> with the size of the device; the argument invalidates the current patch,
> but not the idea itself. Maybe the patch will appear in acceptable form
> at some point, but for now, I rest my case.

Actually, the tap_move parameter is already dimensionless - the
mousedev_touchpad functions emulates movements on an imaginary screen
of resolution 256x256. Thus, with the following description change

-MODULE_PARM_DESC(tap_move, "Tap distance for touchpads in absolute mode (res)");
+MODULE_PARM_DESC(tap_move, "Tap move radius (256 * fraction of screen)");

it should be clear that the parameter does not depend on device resolution.
It could even be made a constant in the code, if that is preferred.


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