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SubjectRe: Laptop shock detection and harddisk protection
Tejun Heo escreveu:
> I browsed a little bit for HDAPS one and it seems all the pieces are
> there but scattered. The latest effort seems tp_smapi which Shem
> Multinymous is working on.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 running tp_smapi and hdapsd over
Kernel with Elias patch:

If you need some info, pls let me know.

> 1. How should the shock interface look like? As we're gonna need
> userland daemon one way or the other, we can use the userland
> daemon to glue all the interfaces but it would be much better to
> have a unified interface. Although there seem to be several
> different variants, they don't differ all that much and creating a
> new interface every time is painful. I think we can get by with a
> sysfs interface with notification.

IMHO, userland daemon need only inform users when hdd heads was parking.
This is what KHDAPSMonitor do (<>).
A daemon like this is used in Windows, but one more feature is present:
Is possible choose "Manual Unlock" (hdd heads is kept parked until I
click over daemon to unlock).

Best regards,
Renato S. Yamane

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