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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4 v2] PCI: support ARI capability
 > ARI is an independent PCI Express extended capability. Multi-function
> devices supporting this capability may use it to track dependency
> between different functions and assign function group numbers to
> these functions.

> Another reason to keep this separated with SR-IOV is that after ARI
> is enabled, PCI Express Endpoint may have non-zero slot number
> (device number), which is different from traditional PCI Express
> Endpoint.

OK, I guess. Although I still don't see why we need a user-visible
option to control ARI independent of SR-IOV. When would a user want to
enable CONFIG_PCI_ARI=y but not select CONFIG_PCI_IOV? (Also, by the
way, why PCI_IOV instead of PCI_SR_IOV -- I assume in the future we may
have PCI_MR_IOV, and matching the PCI terminology is probably easier for
people to understand).

- R.

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