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SubjectRe: Merge multiproto tree
Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> Hello, Manu,
> On Sat, 30 Aug 2008, Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Hello Mauro,
>> Please pull from
>> to merge the following Changesets from the multiproto tree.
> The need for supporting newer DTV protocols increases day by day, since when
> the first multiproto proposal started to be discussed, about two years ago.
> At the end of the last year, Steven send one email to the ML with a different
> API proposal. Yet, people decided to wait for your work to be done. People then
> pinged you, from time to time, asking about the completion of multiproto. All
> the times, your answer were that multiproto were not ready yet for production.
> I'm aware that your solution seems to be more code-complete than Steven's
> proposal.

It's not my personal solution, it was contributed by many people. You
can read the details from the linux-dvb ML archives.

> But the recent activity on the mailing list regarding his idea (and its,
> so far, positive feedback) and the fact that I was anyway planning to
> have a discussion about the future of the DVB-API at the Linux Plumbers
> Conference 2008 are supporting me in my idea of post-poning such a pull to
> a point in time shortly after this event.

Something seems to be stinking. There is no reason to legitimately delay
so much. If the intention is for a merge, please do so within the next
few days.


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