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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] V4L1: make PMS not auto-grab port 0x250
    > > Just apply a tiny bit of rational thought here. There is exactly ONE 
    > > Ingo.
    > And as you say yourself -- close to exactly 1 person who still has this
    > hardware and closer still to 0 who use it. Really, you contradict yourself:

    Consider the posibility that I might be talking about the general case
    here. And if there are two people with the PMS card thats the general
    case 8)

    > We know this driver breaks the boot during useful kernel work. We know
    > that changing it has about a 0.0001% percent change of mattering to
    > anyone and then only as long as all those person can't be bothered to
    > setup a value in his modprobe.conf.

    It never breaks anything for anyone as a module, only compiled in. Which
    despite your moans about 'factual' things is a fact.

    Can I suggest a rather more elegant solution would be to add a
    "CONFIG_UNSAFE_PROBES" tristate (so you can decide if you want no unsafe
    probing devices, unsafe probing devices only as modules, or anything goes)


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