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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] USB: Add HCD fastboot
    On 06-08-08 20:40, Simon Arlott wrote:

    >>> Ok - so there could be some big improvements to be had by making the
    >>> hcd init happen as early as possible and the device initcalls later?
    >> Maybe. Perhaps a better approach would be to make the device driver
    >> initcalls before there are any devices for their probe routines to
    >> block on.
    > What about this?
    > The Makefiles become a bit messy, but by moving things around I get the
    > desired effect without splitting their initcalls.
    > [ 7.941890] Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 5656k
    > [ 5.437709] Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 5656k
    > 2.5s faster, which is almost half the boot time.
    > Signed-off-by: Simon Arlott <>

    Interesting... I haven't been able to get stable improvements, with all
    USB kernel modules built-in, just a USB mouse on OHCI and otherwise a
    switched of USB HD on EHCI and usb-storage, but I do get the idea that
    with your parch, I "get lucky" more often.

    I have knfsd as a module and it loads through the exportfs trigger
    during bootup and outputs the last message to my dmesg:

    4 boots without your patch: 6.12, 6.41, 6.38, 6.34 seconds
    4 boots with : 5.39, 6.33, 5.37, 6.34

    Booting with the external HD switched on adds a tiny bit to the actual
    kernel startup time -- completely repeatable 2.62 seconds until freeing
    init code with the HD off versus 2.73 with it on -- but doesn't seem to
    change the picture otherwise...

    Would those results make sense you feel? I'm not looking forward to
    putting an actual statistical analysis on it ;-)

    Arjan: your fastboot repo by the way doesn't pull cleanly into current
    upstream anymore.


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