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SubjectRe: kernel command line from u-boot
On Thu, 7 Aug 2008, Amol Lad wrote:
> It seems that there is a small problem when kernel parses the command
> line passed by u-boot.

It doesn't seem to be specific to u-boot...

> For example, when I add "board=myboard boardid=1" in the command line
> and register handler in kernel as __setup("board", board_setup), then
> the board_setup function is called twice : once with argument
> "myboard" and second time with argument "d=1". So kernel is calling
Wow, when init/main.c:obsolete_checksetup() matches the `board' part,
it ignores the next character (`i'), assuming this is `=', and passes
the remainder (`d=1').

> handler registered for param "board" for "boardid" also. Is this ok ?

I don't think this is OK.

Probably nobody noticed as this part of the code takes care of the
`obsolete-style' parameters. `module_param' is the new way.

With kind regards,

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