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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1] 8250: add support for DTR/DSR hardware flow control

On Wednesday 06 August 2008, Aristeu Rozanski wrote:
> This patch adds support for DTR/DSR hardware flow control on 8250 driver on
> x86 machines. It's done by adding a CDTRDSR flag to work just like CRTSCTS,
> which is not done on other architectures on purpose (so each maintainer can
> allocate it).

It's funny, serial flow control hasn't been discussed for a long time, and you're the third person to start a flow control related thread on this mailing list in a few days.

> This patch was tested with success with a serial printer configured with a
> small buffer and DTR/DSR flow control.
> This is based on the work of Michael Westermann
> (
> Comments more than welcome.

Please read the '[PATCH/RFC] 8250: Auto RS485 direction control' thread for background information. In a nutshell we need more than just CTS/RTS and DTR/DSR, and we don't have enough c_cflags bits. We will probably have to create a new ioctl.

Best regards,

Laurent Pinchart
CSE Semaphore Belgium

Chaussee de Bruxelles, 732A
B-1410 Waterloo

T +32 (2) 387 42 59
F +32 (2) 387 42 75
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