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SubjectA question regarding init_mm
Trying to build the nvidia video module for 2.6.26-git through 
2.6.27-rc2, I get "Unknown symbol init_mm", openSUSE 11.1 Alpha1.
Checking a few places I can see init_mm.
# cat /proc/kallsyms |grep init_mm
ffffffff80630020 D init_mm

# grep init_mm
ffffffff80630020 D init_mm
/usr/src/linux-2.6.27-rc2/arch/x86/kernel # grep init_mm init_task.c
struct mm_struct init_mm = INIT_MM(init_mm);
EXPORT_UNUSED_SYMBOL(init_mm); /* will be removed in 2.6.26 */

Any thoughts on why it's not seen? No one on the nvidia list has a clue
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