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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] ftrace: to kill a daemon

On Thu, 7 Aug 2008, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > This doesn't seem any less complex than what I did. With this, I would
> > have to come up with another way to handle modules. This will make
> > things a lot more complex.
> The scheme you've implemented can apply fine to a .ko file after it's made.
> They are just .o's really. It is presumably faster to do one step per
> final .ko rather than many tiny ones (per source file).
> That might be a benefit to doing it all at the end for vmlinux too. I
> think the best way would be to have a vmlinux.o that we actually use in the
> link, rather than just analyzing and discarding. Then you can just do your
> existing hack on vmlinux.o before it's linked into vmlinux.

OK, I am playing with this. And you are right, it does work with vmlinux.o
file. It adds almost another minute to the build anytime something is
changed. Where the per-object way may take longer doing a full build, but
does not add that extra minute ever build.

Which would people prefer? I little longer full build and do the
modification on every object, or have a shorter full build, but every
build will take that extra minute to do?

Note, if you have DYNMAIC_FTRACE disabled, this is a nop, and will _not_
affect you.

-- Steve

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