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SubjectRe: Problem with restricted I2C algorithms in kernel 2.6.26! wrote:
> With the model that you propose, "use linux-next for development" ...
> well then what about testing? Who is going to test my driver if it
> requires a full kernel compile?

We almost _never_ use linux-next in the way that we base our development
on it. We use it to prepare integration.

BTW, looking back at this thread in the list archive, I see some people
thoroughly confusing
- unmerged code,
- external developer repositories/ external patchkits,
- module source files outside a complete kernel source directory.
These are all independent matters.

All code starts as unmerged code.
All developers use external repositories.

However, module source files which are outside of the kernel source
directory are not quite the norm. (Because the kernel build system
doesn't support this.)
Stefan Richter
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