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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Merkey's Kernel Debugger
>> On Tue, 5 Aug 2008, wrote:
>>> Read it already. Quite a few large companies are using it at present
>>> and
>>> have been since 2000, BTW.
>> The criterion for kernel inclusion isn't really whether it works,
>> however.
>> It's whether other people would be able to understand it well enough to
>> support it if you disappear (or if somebody else has changes that
>> require
>> changes to it). If it works well but isn't nice code, nobody really
>> benefits from having it in the kernel distribution rather than external
>> (like it's been for the past 8 years). If it is nice code (somewhat
>> regardless of whether it happens to work right now), people can work on
>> it
>> and keep it in sync with the kernel as they change things.
>> -Daniel
>> *This .sig left intentionally blank*
> It both works and is nice code. But I may not be impartial.
> Jeff

You activate it from the keyboard the same way as kdb -- pause/break or
int X or exceptions.


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