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SubjectRe: Problem with restricted I2C algorithms in kernel 2.6.26!
> Alternatively, I am curious if our build system couldn't allow 3rd
> party drivers to select in-tree modules. Obviously this would require
> the complete kernel source tree to be available, instead of just the
> header and config files as is usually the case. Sam, is this possible
> to do that at this time? If not, is this something that could be
> implemented, or is this too much work for the thin benefit?

In general I recommnd to have the full kernel source available
simply because we have no in-kernel solution to create the required
set of files to build external modules.

And today there is no way to hook into the kernel configuration
for an external module. First of we cannot allow changes in
the build kernel module as this would destroy module versioning
for instance.

And in this case you ask because you would change the kernel

And I fail to see why this stuff cannot be done inside the
kernel source tree. Merging new kernel updates should be absolutely
trivial and then the drivers are better prepared for upstream anyway.


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