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SubjectRe: Problems with disk + network on
> It occurs to me that you might be implying there is some "chip config" 
> that I can retrieve and give to you. Is there anything I can/should do
> in order to give you more information, or is this pretty much out of my
> hands at this point?

There are two things you can play with. One is the UDMA burst mode on the
chip which should be getting set, the other is PCI latencies (which the
BIOS should have set up but you can play with)

> Should I be filing a bug report for this?

Probably a good idea

Next things to try are

1. edit drivers/ata/pata_pdc202xx_old.c
after the line

iowrite8(burst | 0x01, bmdma + 0x1f);


printk(KERN_ERR "BURST was %02X\n", burst);

build/install/boot that kernel and see what it says.

The second (sledgehammer) approach would be to use setpci to set the
LATENCY_TIMER value on the pdc202xx_old and network card differently.


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