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SubjectRe: Race condition between putback_lru_page and mem_cgroup_move_list
Lee Schermerhorn wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 23:22 +0530, Balbir Singh wrote:
>> KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
>>> Hi
>>>>> I think this is a race condition if mem_cgroup_move_lists's comment isn't right.
>>>>> I am not sure that it was already known problem.
>>>>> mem_cgroup_move_lists assume the appropriate zone's lru lock is already held.
>>>>> but putback_lru_page calls mem_cgroup_move_lists without holding lru_lock.
>>>> Hmmm, the comment on mem_cgroup_move_lists() does say this. Although,
>>>> reading thru' the code, I can't see why it requires this. But then it's
>>>> Monday, here...
>>> I also think zone's lru lock is unnecessary.
>>> So, I guess below "it" indicate lock_page_cgroup, not zone lru lock.
>> We need zone LRU lock, since the reclaim paths hold them. Not sure if I
>> understand why you call zone's LRU lock unnecessary, could you elaborate please?
> Hi, Balbir:
> Sorry for the delay in responding. Distracted...

No problem at all.

> I think that perhaps the zone's LRU lock is unnecessary because I didn't
> see anything in mem_cgroup_move_lists() or it's callees that needed
> protection by the zone lru_lock.
> Looking at the call sites in the reclaim paths [in
> shrink_[in]active_page()] and activate_page(), they are holding the zone
> lru_lock because they are manipulating the lru lists and/or zone
> statistics.

Precisely, my point below about updating statistics for zones and you mention
below that the zone LRU excludes the race I mentioned in (1). I am a bit
confused with that statement, do you agree that zone lru_lock excludes the race
and is therefore required?

The places where pages are moved to a new lru list is where
> you want to insert calls to mem_cgroup_move_lists(), so I think they
> just happen to fall under the zone lru lock.
> Now, in a subsequent message in this thread, you ask:
> "1. What happens if a global reclaim is in progress at the same time as
> memory cgroup reclaim and they are both looking at the same page?"
> This should not happen, I think. Racing global and memory cgroup calls
> to __isolate_lru_page() are mutually excluded by the zone lru_lock taken
> in shrink_[in]active_page().

Yes, I was referring to needing the zone lru_lock

In putback_lru_page(), where we call
> mem_cgroup_move_lists() without holding the zone lru_lock, we've either
> queued up the page for adding to one of the [in]active lists via the
> pagevecs, or we've already moved it to the unevictable list. If
> mem_cgroup_isolate_pages() finds a page on one of the mz lists before it
> has been drained to the LRU, it will [rightly] skip the page because
> it's "!PageLRU(page)".
> In same message, you state:
> "2. In the shared reclaim infrastructure, we move pages and update
> statistics for pages belonging to a particular zone in a particular
> cgroup."
> Sorry, I don't understand your point. Are you concerned that the stats
> can get out of sync? I suppose that, in general, if we called
> mem_cgroup_move_lists() from just anywhere without zone lru_lock
> protection, we could have problems. In the case of putback_lru_page(),
> again, we've already put the page back on the global unevictable list
> and updated the global stats, or it's on it's way to an [in]active list
> via the pagevecs. The stats will be updated when the pagevecs are
> drained.
> I think we're OK without explicit zone lru locking around the call to
> mem_cgroup_move_lists() and the global lru list additions in
> putback_lru_page().

I think I understand what you are stating clearly

We don't need the zone lru_lock in putback_lru_page(). Am I missing something or
do I have it right? (It's Thursday and one of my legs is already in the weekend).

Warm Regards,
Balbir Singh
Linux Technology Center

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