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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.27-rc1-git5 2/26] mdb: correct kprobes int3 trap wrote on 2008-08-05:
> I was unaware of, but will run it later today and submit a
> git6 patch for any areas not in compliance with linux coding standards.

I guess you got complaints from scripts/ for at least 3/4
of all lines by now. Some or many of the complaints will probably look
silly. Have a look at Documentation/CodingStyle then because it gives
context for many of the complaints. It also gives some rules of thumb
for things which cannot check, e.g. legibility of global

From what I saw, there are _many_ whitespace "deviations" in your code
(which perhaps scripts/Lindent can help to adjust), upper case vs. lower
case in names, and occasional functions which are deeper nested than
probably necessary, as already mentioned.
Stefan Richter
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