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SubjectRe: [patch 0/5] x86-microcode: run ucode update via workqueue
Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> Rebased Dmitry's patch set to x86-microcode and incorporated changes into AMD microcode patch loader. No issues with
>> cpu-hotplug anymore, tested on Intel as well as AMD.
> btw., I still think we should consider running ucode-updates from the
> low-level arch code. But as it's perhaps a material for .28, there
> should be plenty of time.

That'd be ok. Somehow I think it's not worth the effort though. If the
machine was able to boot to the point that it can run user-space
(request_firmware) with the old microcode it can probably sustain itself
a bit longer while waiting for the workqueue thread to be scheduled.
You probably have more exciting things to do ;-)

The latest patches look ok btw.


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