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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] pata_legacy: export functionality to ide
> So the comment in there saying that in some cases BAR0-3 could contain junk is a
> bogus? In other words, can we assume that one will always read 0x1f0 from BAR0
> and 0x170 from BAR2 in compatibility mode. If so, the check is even simpler:
> if (pci_resource_start(p, 0) == 0x1f0)
> *primary = 1;
> if (pci_resource_start(p, 2) == 0x170)
> *secondary = 1;

In theory, but for the sake of about 30 bytes of code in an obscure 'last
resort work everywhere' driver it seemed a bit pointless.


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