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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.27-rc1-git5 2/26] mdb: correct kprobes int3 trap wrote:
>> Hi Jeffery,
>> Could you explain what is MDB and how it works?
> MDB is a kernel debugger that uses the same general architecture
> as the kernel debugger in Netware. Unlike the variants of GNU
> debuggers, MDB is geared towards folks from the intel/microsoft worlds
> who are more accustomed to the old school Intel assembler model and
> not the GNU variant that looks like an angry typewriter cursing at
> the screen (%#*&!, etc.).

Would you have any document about MDB, or project-site url?
I think it is hard for anyone to understand what you like to
do only from these big patchset.

> MDB has some features not yet in this first patch, but I will be adding to
> subsequent patches like the ability to create time based traces of
> execution of code just like an ice does so you can set trigger breakpoints
> (kdb does not, nor kgdb), then go back ad look what happened in windows of
> time, as well as a much easier interface, smaller size, more flexible and
> pluggable command architecture -- a best of all -- it works and does not
> crash every other release or on every third vendors PC architecture like
> kdb does all the time.

Would you have talked with kdb/kgdb people?
Since linux kernel already have kgdb, I think you might better talk
about merging your functionality (and stability) to kgdb, or at least
talk about what part both debugger can share.

> It has been in use by me since 1997, when I wrote it after I left Novell.
> It is mature, hardened, and very stable -- and follows an architecture
> prove in the industry for over 20 years on Netware.

Out of curiously, is there anyone except for you using MDB?

Thank you,

>> And please check your patch style by using scripts/
>> Your cording style seem to be different from linux coding style...
>> Thank you,

Masami Hiramatsu

Software Engineer
Hitachi Computer Products (America) Inc.
Software Solutions Division


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