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SubjectRe: No, really, stop trying to delete slab until you've finished making slub perform as well
>>> Can you quantify the difference?
>> machine spec:
>> CPU: IA64 x 8
>> MEM: 8G (4G x2node)
> 16k or 64k page size?


>> So, about 2.5G - 3G difference in 8G mem.
> Well not sure if that tells us much. Please show us the output of
> /proc/meminfo after each run. The slab counters indicate how much memory is
> used by the slabs.
> It would also be interesting to see the output of the slabinfo command after
> the slub run?

but i can't do that in this week.
so, I'll do it in next week.

honestly, I don't know how to use slabinfo command :-)

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