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    SubjectRe: Re: Race condition between putback_lru_page and mem_cgroup_move_list
    >KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
    >> Hi
    >>>> I think this is a race condition if mem_cgroup_move_lists's comment isn't
    >>>> I am not sure that it was already known problem.
    >>>> mem_cgroup_move_lists assume the appropriate zone's lru lock is already h
    >>>> but putback_lru_page calls mem_cgroup_move_lists without holding lru_lock
    >>> Hmmm, the comment on mem_cgroup_move_lists() does say this. Although,
    >>> reading thru' the code, I can't see why it requires this. But then it's
    >>> Monday, here...
    >> I also think zone's lru lock is unnecessary.
    >> So, I guess below "it" indicate lock_page_cgroup, not zone lru lock.
    >We need zone LRU lock, since the reclaim paths hold them. Not sure if I
    >understand why you call zone's LRU lock unnecessary, could you elaborate plea

    I guess the comment should be against mem_cgroup_isolate_pages()...


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