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    SubjectRe: [BISECTION RESULT] sched: revert cpu_clock to pre-27ec4407790d075c325e1f4da0a19c56953cce23 state
    On 04.08.2008 [15:00:47 -0700], Luck, Tony wrote:
    > > I'd bet resonable sums of money that we are (once again) accessing
    > > per-cpu variables in code before ia64 has a chance to initialize
    > > things so that they can actually work. :-(
    > I tried this simple hack to check ... per-cpu variables are
    > not usable until cpu_init() sets up the "ar.k3" register on
    > ia64. So this hack checks to see if it is set before calling
    > cpu_clock():

    Would you like me to test this patch on the box, to verify? It seems
    like you were able to reproduce the non-booting kernel?


    Nishanth Aravamudan <>
    IBM Linux Technology Center

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