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SubjectRe: No, really, stop trying to delete slab until you've finished making slub perform as well
Rene Herman wrote:
> On 03-08-08 23:25, Pekka Enberg wrote:
>> Matthew Wilcox wrote:
>>> Do we have to once again explain that slab still outperforms slub on at
>>> least one important benchmark? I hope Nick Piggin finds time to finish
>>> tuning slqb; it already outperforms slub.
>> No, you don't have to. I haven't merged that patch nor do I intend to
>> do so until the regressions are fixed.
>> And yes, I'm still waiting to hear from you how we're now doing with
>> higher order page allocations...
> General interested question -- I recently "accidentally" read some of
> slub and I believe that it doesn't feature the cache colouring support
> that slab did? Is that true, and if so, wasn't it needed/useful?

I don't know why Christoph decided not to implement it. Christoph?

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